The simplistic caricature of outsourcing usually portrays outsourcing companies as somewhere where tedious work can be dumped. This work can range from dealing with disgruntled customers or cold-calling prospective buyers of products or services.

What we do at Extensya is as far from that simplistic image as you can imagine.

Yes, your ‘customer service’, ‘telemarketing’ or ‘account receivable collection’ tasks might seem like burdensome chores or even a ‘necessary evil’ that your company may want to ‘get rid of’.

But the way Extensya works is in taking a holistic view of the challenges at hand, with the aim of transforming your market interaction challenges into fruitful market conversations.

Simply moving tasks from your company to a call center misses the point. At Extensya we seek to understand your business cycle and its points of friction, devise the appropriate solutions, driven by the right strategies, people and technologies, then integrate these solutions within your business operations, seamlessly and smartly.

Extension is all about smart integration. Only such an approach can deliver a liberating transformation of your business.