Customers don’t talk to ‘companies’ or ‘departments’. People talk to people. This is one of the main beliefs of Extensya, born of our understanding of the true nature of today’s customer-oriented, networked economy.

At the heart of Extensya is a world-class contact management center, which is operated by professionally trained teams of agents, managed by a leadership team with unmatched experience in the region.

The mantra of our contact management teams is: human communication and intelligent conversations. We don’t talk to ‘customer x’ but to a father, a mother, a business person, a senior citizen or a teenager. We don’t deliver robotic messages based on scripts, but engage in smart conversations with real people.

Yet all of this would be meaningless if we looked at ourselves as yet another ‘call center’. Extensya’s contact management facility is only one of the tools of our transformative solutions, which extend the reach of your business to wherever you want to take it.