In today’s virtualized world, your customers have their finger on their phone keypad or their computer mouse. Your competitor is a phone call or mouse click away. While physical channels, such as traditional retail, are still important, more and more customer interactions are migrating to the virtual world of communication networks.

Your products and services and your commitment to delivering value are only as good as the customer perceives them to be. Your brand is only as good as you can communicate it. One customer at a time. Day in day out.

Customer interaction is emerging as a key competitive advantage in markets where customers have abundant choice, and where technology is becoming a commodity.

Customer-oriented organizations realize that there are critical touch points along the business lifecycle, from customer acquisition to service, billing, to retention programs. Each of these touch points affects your brand’s perception in the market and, ultimately, your efficiency and bottom line.

And there is more to customer interaction than conversion rates and call center statistics. The voices of the agents are the voice of your brand. The attitude of your email responses is the attitude of your brand. Your company’s personality has to come through. Purely scripted performances can’t deliver that.