Your organization may have mastered its marketing processes and knows how to stay on the top of their game. Nonetheless, marketing, just like any other business unit within an organization, increasingly requires a multitude of support processes and activities that are crucial to continuous success. These activities are almost always labor intensive and task-oriented, and cannot be easily coupled with the creative processes of your marketing team.

A marketing expert should spend his or her time creating new concepts and developing new products rather than having to worry about armies of telephone representatives who handle customer lists, market research, or satisfaction surveys.

You are better off by entrusting these activities to a partner that knows how to handle marketing support activities effectively and smartly and who provides you with the required support, without impacting your core marketing activities.

Extensya's marketing support solution, TotalInsight, is designed to address this specific need. It includes the following functions:
Database cleansing and profiling
Market Research
Customer satisfaction surveys

Extensya will create a team for you that can conduct market research and customer satisfaction surveys accurately and effectively. All results will be safely stored in a database for your marketing team to mine and analyze. Customers' responses will be recorded for quality checks or for further investigation of their feedback. The team can also run data cleansing programs to verify and update the data of your existing customers or profile new ones.

The last thing a marketing genius needs is a clouded vision. Extensya’s TotalInsight keeps your head above the clouds and you vision focused on your ultimate objectives.