New customers are the key to growth. Your business needs to effectively mobilize its sales force to actively engage new customers and build new relationships and effectively convert these into lucrative contracts before your competitors do! It's easier said than done!
You don't want to overwhelm your team with necessary, yet tedious activities that distract them from the core task that they know best: making the sale. You need a flexible partner who can help you introduce and manage smart customer acquisition tactics effectively without compromising your core sales operations.

Extensya has developed SmartLeap, a special solution to address your customer acquisition needs. SmartLeap encompasses the following applications:
Direct Response hotline
Prospecting and lead generation
Sales calls allocation and scheduling
Telesales campaigns

Extensya's team will develop a dedicated sales hotline for direct response and handling advertisement and product inquiries. These inquiries can be handled by phone, email, web chat or fax. Extensya's systems will log and track all these contacts for future marketing studies. These contacts (or contacts from other support lines) can also be logged into a workflow management system to be forwarded to the sales team as leads. Extensya's support also extends to initiating contact with these leads (or other leads provided by your sales team) to schedule sales calls and allocate them to your sales representatives/dealers as per your specific business rules.
Another option, which exhibits the power of flexible outsourcing, would be for you to simply conduct ongoing or seasonal telesales campaigns to promote your products and acquire new customers.

Your sales wizards can make their magic work with the full, systematic support of Extensya’s SmartLeap program.