In your rush to acquire new business, are you doing enough to maximize the value of your existing customers? Customer value management is a key building block in customer lifecycle management. Your marketing teams may have no trouble devising creative means with the potential to maximize customer lifetime value. Nonetheless, effective execution remains the challenging part of the process. It takes one creative marketer to develop a powerful concept, but it takes an array of processes, technologies and people to implement it in the marketplace and, ultimately, derive real returns on your marketing investment.

Extensya helps organizations turn innovative concepts into market action. RealGrowth, Extensya’s innovative and flexible CVM program encompasses various applications:

Consultative up/cross-selling programs
Telemarketing campaigns
Campaigns management
Renewal programs

A marketing plan needs to be as flawlessly deployed in the markets as it looked on paper (or, for that matter on PowerPoint!). RealGrowth turns marketing creativity into real marketing results with real impact on the bottom line.