No matter how successful a company is in its customer acquisition efforts, failing to retain these customers results in devastating consequences. Many companies are relatively successful in their retention efforts, but these tend rely on competitive pricing or quality assurance as means to keep customers satisfied.

While pricing and quality are important factors, customer retention is a business process in its own right, requiring a more systematic and structured contact management approach to ensure success.

Running and managing an effective contact management solution that addresses your specific customer retention needs is usually accompanied with immense challenges, as it involves many technical and operational elements that burden your team and resources. Optimizing this process requires dedicated teams, mature technologies, and above all, management and follow up; elements that are not always readily available.

Extensya's customer retention solution, FullGuard, is designed to efficiently address your needs:

Proactive retention campaigns
Loyalty programs management
Wakeup calls programs
Subscription renewal programs

Extensya will help you design and execute proactive retention campaigns. Lists of customers which show a tendency to leave your organization will be obtained from your marketing department. These become the target of ongoing or seasonal proactive campaigns. Customers are contacted through phone, email or SMS. If you have a loyalty program in place, Extensya's team can help you manage and optimize it as well.

The cost of doing business with an existing customer is a fraction of the cost of acquiring a new customer. Extensya’s FullGuard program makes sure you customer base is fortified.