Extreme transparency
Liberating your business, and life, should not result in loss of control.

Although contact management processes are relatively independent from the core functions of a business, they are, nonetheless, extremely critical and ultimately have a profound impact on the operation. Extensya realizes that outsourcing contact management activities should not mean detaching such activities from the organization or causing managerial loss of control over them. After all, it is the burden that Extensya will take away, not the control.

Every solution that Extensya delivers has been designed with full control and transparency built into it. Our advanced technology infrastructure makes it possible that you and Extensya’s management team are literally on the same page, allowing you to monitor, interact and make changes in real time, just as if we are sitting next door to you.

Full access to all performance data
Why settle for basic reports and simple descriptive data about your outsourced contact center’s performance, when you can have full access to all historical or real-time data. It is YOUR data after all. Be it contact volumes, handling times, occupancy or channels utilization, you will have a complete array of all the data you want, accessible on-line or simply stored on the media of your choice.

Be informed, get full insight and be empowered. At the end of the day, information is power.

Total recording and monitoring
Whether you need to monitor interactions to assure quality or for security purposes, with Extensya you will have total visibility. We go beyond limited, random call recording for quality scoring. A standard Extensya practice is to capture every single interaction, regardless of the channel. You can access all these interactions online or get them stored on the media of your choice.

Nothing is lost on you.

Full tracking
At Extensya, every single interaction is tracked, logged and safely stored. Be it the responses of prospects in a telemarketing campaign, or the simple feedback from inbound service calls; all interactions are meticulously logged to give you better insight and control over the process. The wealth of business intelligence can prove invaluable to your business.