Employees are often overlooked as one of the company's most important customer groups. As companies grow, they turn into a cobweb of complex procedures and policies, and employees often find themselves lost in the loop and incapable of finding help and support from the organization. This leads to frustration, disappointment and lack of motivation.

Human Resource leaders’ primary goal is to inspire, motivate and support people. It requires that magical “people touch” to get through to today’s demanding workforce. Yet with growth and complexity, that touch might get lost among the various forms, procedures and decisions.

One of the HR's best practices today is to create a simple point of access for employees to serve and help them with their various issues: just like valued-customers are treated. An organization's employee experience is as important as customer experience.

CloseHelp, Extensya’s smart employee relations program covers several applications:
Employee services hotline
Recruitment ads hotline
Interviews scheduling and tracking

With such solid infrastructure in place, HR leaders can concentrate on honing their people touch and be back in the business of inspiration.