Sales support is a process that most organizations struggle to perfect. Many companies have intricate and complex distribution channels and sales processes, all of which require close attention, follow up, and support. The sheer number of stakeholders involved in this process makes this a continuing challenge.

Organizations have to coordinate with their dealers, distributors, and sales representatives, sometimes across different markets and time zones. All those parties need to be constantly supplied with your products and merchandizing material, and require continuous follow-up to complete provisioning and fulfillment processes. All of this has to be effectively managed while still having to follow on the daily business of orders, delivery and a myriad of other issues.

This is truly a logistical nightmare! It requires all your effort and attention to ensure efficiency and success. While organizations may have well-planned logistics management processes, many support functions remain extremely laborious, and are always accompanied with tedious processing. With the increasing complexity of your supply chain and distribution network, backlogs and delays seem inevitable, and keeping a firm grip on the process will continue to demand further efforts and costs.

Extensya's ChannelFlow is designed to strengthen your supply chain and fortify your sales support processes. Stay focused on supplying the market, and let Extensya handle the support functions.

Contract activation
Distribution channel hotline
Sales outlets coordination
Order management