Companies who don’t care about customer care become the victims of their own success. Most organizations have a customer care process in place, and are actively seeking an improved customer experience through continuous enhancement. These efforts, however, often take their toll on the organization. Business leaders have to spend time, money and effort to maintain excellent levels of customer service. As customers grow in number, call center operations, which are one of today’s primary interaction channels, come under strain. Employee attrition, keeping up with the technology, training needs, monitoring and quality assurance and other operational requirements, keep many managers up at night.

Extensya’s customer care solution, BroadCare, reflects Extensya’s deep understanding of the customer interaction layer of business. Its aim, plainly, is to ensure the best customer experience possible, regardless of channel or time of day:

Customer care hotline
Technical support help desk
Complaints management
Welcome call programs

Your brand can either shine or falter at the moment a customer contacts your business with a complaint or an inquiry. Do you care? Extensya’s BroadCare makes sure you truly do.