Development & Capacity Building

Organizations always work relentlessly on developing the skills and competencies of their workers. Therefore, training activities are an integral part of their strategies and ongoing business plans. However, the development of skills and competencies is often misplaced, and can be counterproductive if perceived as merely a set of training courses where workers are just “lectured” about new practices.  

Be it an entry level employee or a middle manager, employees require continuous development based on a well-designed development cycle that ensures sustainable results. In addition, an organization employees' development framework must be carefully designed to align perfectly to the organization's strategic objectives and tactical goals. It should also accommodated market dynamics and other key cultural elements, all of which have significant impact on results.   

Extensya's training and development framework delivers just that. It consists of Collaborative, Talent-Driven Learning modules, designed to fit into an organization's operational, technical and commercial needs.


Extensya has developed a complete battery of programs including the following

  • Frontline Staff Programs
    Customer Service Skills
    Telephone skills
    Multimedia-channel handling
  • Mangment and Support Staff Programs
    Analysis and workforce planning
    Quality assurance messures and feedback
    Coaching and feedback skills
    Contact Center metrix and Perfroamnce Management
  • Ad-hoc Programs
    Cusomizable programs to fit any needs