Advisory Services

The dynamism and fast-pace nature of today's economy brings along several challenges that organizations have to overcome. One key area the organizations often struggle with is to stay up-to-date with best-in class business methodologies and best practices. Although the information on such aspects are readily available and can be easily acquired, applying and adapting such practices, and alighting them with the organizational strategic direction remains an elusive objective that many organizations often fail to achieve.

Many organizations refer to consultancy engagements to overcome this challenge, which allows the adaptation and deployment of such practices, and is the right direction in most cases. Nonetheless, consultancy engagements tend to be quit tedious, time consuming, and even disruptive sometimes, especially if not clearly defined and well fitted to the organization's strategic needs.

Therefore, Extensya has adopted a slightly different approach to consultancy engagement, by transforming it into a task-based, KPIs-driven approach.

This allows "surgical" intervention in key business areas and troubled operational
pockets to achieve improvement

Extensya has designed a battery of organizational support services, led by its team of management
consultants and subject-matter experts

Management Solutions