With the support of USAID, Extensya offers English training courses for its employees at Bell Amman.

USAID Jordan Economic Development Program (SABEQ) partners up with Extensya, to build up the language competencies of Extensya’s Contact Center agents, all in its continued efforts to build an outsourcing industry in Jordan and empowering it with highly qualified communicators that will enable the business provider to compete globally, and establish Jordan as an outsourcing center.            


Outsourcing providers’ work depends heavily on several soft skills, most importantly the language skills and as Extensya expands its offering to the global market, the need for a far more skilled human capital increased. Extensya approached SABEQ seeking assistance in providing current Customer Service Representatives (CSR) and potential new recruits with the necessary English language skills that will enable them to serve on a global level.


Selecting Bell Amman as the English language tuition provider is based upon its long and solid expertise in the field; over 100 CSRs from Extensya were assessed and enrolled in the language training. Once successful, the project will become a national platform that will provide skilled manpower for the industry in Jordan and in the region.


Ms. Samar Al Qadri, HR manager at Extensya added: “We view this project as a milestone in building Jordan as a Contact Center hub. We are keen on training our Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) to reach international standards, as fluency in English is a primary requirement for global customers”.


"USAID has been an active partner in promoting the outsourcing industry in every possible way.  Our support this time has planted the seed for a national program in Business English for outsourcing agents.  Validation of this phase will be considered the core momentum for moving forward with such a national program that will not only assist the Outsourcing sector, but promote Jordan through the flourishing of its qualified candidates," said Kinan Jaradat, Outsourcing Sector Lead at SABEQ.