USAID Jordan graduates the first batch of Extensya's Contact Center agents from Bell Amman Language Center

In a ceremony held at Bell Institute, USAID Jordan Economic Development Program (SABEQ), graduated the first batch of Extensya's Contact Center agents from Bell Amman for language learning. The ceremony was headed by Mr. Laith Al Qasem, Chief of Party at USAID's program, Ms. Samar Al Qadri, Human Resources Manager at Extensya, as well as Rula Kawar, Managing Director at Bell Amman and Peter Frey Academic Director.


Realizing that expansion moves depend heavily on skilled human capital; Extensya approached USAID Jordan seeking technical and financial assistance in developing a program to enhance the language capabilities of its Contact Center agents. Bell Amman worked closely with Extensya to develop a training program that will equip the agents with skills required by the industry. The project is planned to become a national platform that will provide skilled manpower with language training necessary for the industry in Jordan and in the region.

Mr. Laith Al Qasem Chief of Party at USAID Jordan stated: "The Public and Private sectors have come a long way together to build a strong foundation for the call centers to meet the needs of regional and international investors. Customer service must entail strong qualities in order to succeed, one of its most important quality is the language provided".


From Extensya’s end, Samar Al Qadri added, "Language capabilities are key to our business, developing the workforce's language skills will jump up their careers; this supports Extensya and the entire sector to reach international clients and position Jordan as a global BPO hub".

Mr. Peter Frey academic director at Bell stated, "The language training depended on 3 main pillars; International standards, offerings provided by SABEQ program and Extensya based on market research, and the goals identified by students and participants in the program".


Selecting Bell Amman as the English language tuition provider has been based upon Bell's long and solid expertise in the field; over 100 CSRs from Extensya were examined and enrolled in the language tuition. The training ties in well with SABEQ Program objectives of increasing employment opportunities for the Jordanian workforce members.