Extensya, paving the path for Jordan to become a role model in the sector BPO and Contact management solutions
07 Dec, 2017
Al Rae’e / Amman- Alaa’ Al Qaralah

Extensya employs more than 1000 Jordanians of degree holders; providing services to many other national and international companies, Extensya additionally promises, as soon as funds are guaranteed, to further make available around 5,000 job opportunities in the coming three to four years through equipping and training Jordanian youngsters according to the highest accredited international standards, and under the supervision of experienced specialists in the area of BPO and contact management solutions.

This is Extensya, even if the name appears to be unusual to some, this company is a leading power in the business sector and the investment market in Jordan.

“A leading power in the business sector as well as the investment market in Jordan, and headed towards creating 5000 job opportunities in the coming four year.”

Extensya offers a new kind of business services and solutions, aiming to empower BPO Services as well as contact management solutions by attracting investments from regional and international companies to open and establish contact management centers that cater to their clients from all over the world.

Extensya operates three centers in three different locations: Amman, Irbid, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Established in 2008, this leading concept and idea was adopted by several partners acting as the kernel to building a sector that is promising and qualified in the field of information technology and communications and supporting the royal vision of his majesty king Abdullah II in strongly establishing this sector. Extensya is considered today as one of the largest BPO companies in Jordan and the region, learning from this pioneering experience from several countries such as India as well as several other countries in the modern world.

In the last nine years, Extensya was able to carve its name among the biggest BPO companies in the region, especially among companies offering the same kind of service, excelling with its staff capabilities and qualifications, and by far competing with many  BPO companies started exporting its competencies to the region. The company offers all needed trainings and courses which qualifies its staff to enter this domain or field. Extensya recruits more than 1500 employees, who are diploma and undergraduate degree holders in the three centers that it owns; it further offers services to many companies who have placed their trust in it locally and internationally.

Mohammed Saqer, the chairman states:  the company through its activities and innovative idea has become a leading force in this field as well as in the region. Extensya is able to attract investments from regional and international companies to expand, open, as well as establish its own contact management center for its customers in Jordan, where these centers will offer services to clients calling from all over the world.

Saqer further illustrated how Extensya today is considered a strategic partner with one of the largest international companies in the world, and how the company is working on building a network for its operations in the area, of where the kingdom is going to be the center for this network.

Saqer further noted that the company is aiming at increasing the employment size of its caliber to five thousand vacancies in the coming few years in an industry that is highly dependent on human resources and what that entails from communication and language skills. The company now has three branches; the first started in Amman the capital, then expanded to cover the governorate of Irbid, where it is really providing some good job opportunities, and the latest further spread out regionally to the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

He also stated: “we at Extensya aim to elevate the sector of Human Resources in Jordan; for the industry of BPO is guaranteed to create a platform that generates a large number of job opportunities. In turn, the sector of human resources needs to be trained in a specialized manner to develop, invest, and awaken its dormant energies through proper management, to function within a holistic quality perspective, as well as form a holistic system of professionalism and competence to fulfill the vision of his majesty king Abdullah the second.

 Extensya aims to elevate the sector of Human Resources in Jordan; for the industry of BPO is guaranteed to create a platform that generates a large number of job opportunities.”

Embracing the king’s vision which aims at marking Jordan on the map of the world as a destination for the BPO and contact management centers, in addition to marketing it as an agent for the region that competes, especially with Egypt and India; Extensya is set to realize His Majesty’s vision  by aspiring to create real and serious job opportunities for the Jordanian youth; this sector can, as soon as proper funding is available, provide approximately 20,000 new vacancies within the coming three to four years through training and equipping of Jordanian youngsters on the needed skills to empower the highest possible caliber.  

According to one of the workers in extensya, Mead Al faqeeh,: “I started working at Extensya in early 2010 as a customer service employee for a telecommunication project; I was hired through a job-fair that was held by extensya. She said pointedly, a year after joining the team and according to my performance, I was promoted by applying for an internal job posting. Extensya develops and makes available opportunities for its internal staff to apply for positions in any of the departments without exception and according to the efforts invested by its employees. 

Ahmad Maayatah, says: I started working at extensya in 2014, which, after some time, encouraged me to apply for the Contact Center Supervisor position; I had many reasons to apply, Extensya provides a proper environment enabling an employee to acquire different kinds of experiences in different fields such as communication, logistical services, ecommerce trade and many others.

Moreover, extensya offers job security for its workers, in addition to all the required benefits from health insurance to social security and other incentives that help an employee achieve progress in social and work life.

Maayata added: through my work at Extensya, I have witnessed how the company serves a large segment of the people of our beloved Jordan by owning more than one branch in Irbid and Amman. The company has assisted in recruiting and training more than 1000 of the Jordanian people from the north to the south where individuals from Ramtha, Irbid, Ajloun, Jerash, Zarqa, Amman, Salt, Madaba, AlGhor and Al Karak occupy positions there.

As operations staff, Maayatah states: as the company attracts customers from the region, Extensya managed to place Jordan as one of the targeted countries offering BPO services for customers looking for a unique service in the BPO  field by providing its services in more than seven languages such as Arabic, English, French, Spanish, Turkish, and Italian; thus, enhancing the national economy where it attracted investments that were beneficial to many other Jordanian companies akin to advertising, marketing, delivery, and companies working in other different domains.

“My Company Offers support services for customers looking for a unique service in the call center field by providing its services in more than seven languages.”

And Wasima Hasan Rajab, an employee at Extensya asserted: I Graduated from PSUT, where after graduation, I got the chance to work in the Department of Quality and Information Security. I have wanted to join this company from what I heard about the opportunities and career path it provides, and because it invests in its employees and supports them; yet when I started working there I found more than that; I realized that what I heard was true, I even found and developed real passion for what I am doing. I paved a path for my career, I also saw a bright future for me there, in addition to finding it a place of vast experience for me to learn and acquire from, which increased my sense of belonging and loyalty. What has increased my attachment to the company is it is meaningful mission and clear vision, which will benefit  our dear country Jordan; Extensya aims to reduce unemployment rate in Jordan and strives to reach with its number of employees to five thousand employee of highly productive caliber within the coming five years.

“I have wanted to join this company from what I heard about the opportunities and career path it provides, and because it invests in its employees and supports them.”